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Technology and Ethnocentric Assumptions

January 28, 2008

Today we had a guest speaker in my EPS 225 class. This teacher was from Balfour, and was discussing the notion of ESL in the classroom. The children she works with are from war torn countries, and have had to get by with very little, other than the most basic of needs, as well as […]

Learning styles and the online classroom

January 18, 2008

One of the greatest challenges that I have, in general, and in a traditional learning environment is sitting still. Over the years, and through my degree, we have often discussed different learning styles, and ways that people process information as they learn. I am a kinesthetic and visual learner, so audio stuff doesn’t really work […]


January 15, 2008

A brief introduction about myself…my name is Sarah Ferguson, and I am in my third year of my ed degree in Arts Education, with a major in Visual Art and a minor in Literature. I have a BFA in visual art, with a major in intermedia studies, namely drawing and video…and I write like a […]