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Learning styles and the online classroom

One of the greatest challenges that I have, in general, and in a traditional learning environment is sitting still. Over the years, and through my degree, we have often discussed different learning styles, and ways that people process information as they learn. I am a kinesthetic and visual learner, so audio stuff doesn’t really work for me. A lot of the time, if I am listening to a lecture, I have to go over it numerous times before the info sticks, or I need to re process it by paraphrasing the information.

I know these days, because of the internet, many different topics that people want to learn about are going to be accessible to kids at the click of a button. This is great, for the most part, but when you learn the way I do, sometimes the human element is still important, and we shouldn’t overlook the need for people in the classrooms, and real organic bodies that we can still relate to. Many of our students will learn independently, but some of us may need a mixture of instructional styles, in order to fully maximize our learning potential.

Combining the different types of intelligences with different types of learning styles is one of the greatest challenges that a teacher faces today. We need to know the needs and personalities of each of our students so that they can learn about subjects passionately. Everyone has likes and dislikes, preferences, and such. But we still need to pay attention to the needs of each person that we teach.

As I write this, I am going over yesterday’s lecture again, so that I fully understand what we talked about. Learning at my own pace is great. Thank goodness, I am a proficient multitasker…otherwise the learning process would take much longer! Just a thought.

3 Responses to “Learning styles and the online classroom”

  1. Hi I would have to say I agree with you it is very important for teachers to know the learning strengths of their students. Like you I have always been a visual and kinesthetic learner. I also agree with you that the internet is a vital resource for learning because of all the visual information. I think a lot of learners are now visual because of the internet and all of the media so I am sure using computer technology in the classroom will be beneficial to all teachers.

  2. I thought this was well-written. You emphasis on the importance of the human element in the classroom is great. Teachers need to figure out the different ways students learn, and we need to respond in an effective manner. Teachers do more than just teach facts, they teach children.

  3. I completely agree that being able to learn at our own pace with this new type of instruction is great. It is hard enough to have to try to figure all of the new gadgets and buttons out, but having time to go in and explore whenever we choose is certainly great. Another advantage I find, with being able to work at our own pace in this class is that it gives us the freedom to let eachother in on what worked, or didn’t work for us, so others can benefit from our personal experiences with the course.

    -Brittany R. Ward

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