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Spring deadlines, and powerpoint presentations.

Even though I have not been on here to update in quite sometime, I figured now that things have slowed significantly, with a bit of breathing room, I am going to transpose my observations from the last few weeks of teaching and discuss them on here. The reason why is because I have used technology in every lesson I have taught, with the exception of today, because the powerpoint projector could not be booked as it was being used by other teachers.

My favorite technological tool, besides the internet, is Powerpoint. It is like a slide show with extras, and I hope to prepare many of these types of presentations in the future, to relate art fundamentals, characteristics, and to introduce artistic concepts to the students. I had a great deal of success last week with a presentation on Pop Art, and today’s powerpoint was about Paul Cezanne. I find the powerpoint presentations are great springboards for discussions in the classrooms, and they have become a fundamental part of my lesson planning. I find the presentations are great for discussing art pieces, especially when dealing with art in a historical context.

 I plan on getting caught up on here in the next few days. I have another four to five posts that I am going to transcript from notes relating to classroom management, and my subject matter, as well as technological discoveries I have made in my environment lately. I’ve been invisible on here for a while, and I need to make myself visible. I am glad to be taking an online class that allows more flexibility as far as deadlines are concerned.

This was a brief presentation about seeing, and was used as a leeway into one of my drawing lessons. The only thing I didnt like was the Kandinsky painting I decided to use. It makes things hard to read. Still working out the bugs 🙂


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