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Podcasts and Readers and Mp3s OH MY!

One aspect of being a student is always having to contend with the fact that you are broke. Which means you usually have to contend with a part time job. I work with cell phones. And even though I do not get nearly enough time to explain how much I enjoy technological aesthetics, I decided one day to try and think of all of the devices that I have played around with over the past while that I find quite revolutionary.

When I am not teaching, I do have a part time job working for a local cell phone company. I have troubleshot cell phones for the past 4 years of my life. Full time before I came back to school, and part time now that I am back in the saddle…working with cell phones has certainly helped me to overcome any phobias having to do with technology. I have also watched cell phones develop over the years, having worked for AT&T before I went local. Troubleshooting these devices used to be a nightmare. You would end up with some poor innocent senior citizen at the other end of the line who had no idea how to even turn the darned thing off…and the instructions involved for simple tasks like restoring factory settings on a phone, or browsing were ridiculous. Now, phones are becoming increasingly easier to use…and more common. I would say that most of the students I address on a day to day basis have cell phones. I usually have to tell at least one student to put their phone away per day…

Phones have become browsers and mp3 players as well. They also, because they are so power packed, can drain a battery very quickly. So in spite of their fancy applications, they arent always practical.

One of my favorite new devices is the itouch, which is a modified version of the iphone by apple, without the phone aspect. The navigating in these devices is amazing. They are tactile, intuitive machines…you can sync them to other devices, including your car. They function based on what appears to be a technological understanding of physics…and you can store images, imformation and just about anything else on them. Too bad they’re outside of my meager student budget. Apple are very mum about their products, but often use an element of artistic design in their devices that other companies do not.

I also am a fan of the new sony reader, which is a virtual book you use to store ebooks in. It flips pages just like a real book does, and seems to be a great idea to save space and paper in the long run. Perhaps someday we will have these in our classrooms! One can only hope.


My big indulgence online as of late is the deviantart website…packed full of glorious images, that all viewers have access to, and very artist friendly. I personally like to post my prose and writing on deviant art, and have developed quite a following…its great to have access to such a broad audience, and even better to dialog with writers and artists as well. In this day and age, we really are in charge of our own creative developments. Its very exciting. A lot of the images on deviant art will appeal to students as well…although there should be some caution exerted as well…some of these pictures are not suitable for children.


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